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In a previous post, I wrote briefly on the fundamentals of TypeScript, why it may be useful to learn and provided a few links to learn it, which you can check out here:

In this follow-up however, we will continue the focus on learning TypeScript but this time with a focus on clear, useful videos for those visual learners out there.

The first video is from one of the best tech/coding YouTubers and the creator of AlgoExpert: Clement Mihailescu. This video is really more of an overview of TS without going into too much detail about…

TypeScript: How and Why You Should Learn It

I recently had a virtual coffee chat with a Software Engineer who told me that the most important new thing to learn when looking for your first post-bootcamp job would be TypeScript. I’d seen it mentioned many times but wasn’t quite sure what it was besides being a typed form of JavaScript — whatever that meant.

What is it?

TypeScript was created in 2012 by Microsoft Technical Fellow, Anders Hejlsberg (who also created C#). JavaScript was never intended to function on large-scale apps and it’s weaknesses can easily be exaggerated at scale…

If you’ve spent any time working on JavaScript apps, especially in component-driven libraries like React, you have come across State. It is an essential part of React and is absolutely vital to know. You may be less familiar with the state-management tool Redux. Redux exists to make state easier to manipulate and use. This article will briefly explain the very basics of what state is and give some very useful suggestions for ways to learn about Redux and build on that base knowledge.

State is ‘data over time’. It is the status of things as they change and receive new…

GraphQL was created by Facebook in 2012

Like me, you have probably seen GraphQL mentioned so many times across various different projects, blogs & job descriptions and much like me, didn’t really have any idea what it actually was. So I thought it time to fully investigate what it was and why it is popular enough to be everywhere but not quite popular enough to be everywhere.

GraphQL is essentially a way to more efficiently retrieve data from an API. It does this via declarative data fetching, where you specify precisely the data you want to retrieve from the API and you will receive nothing more and…

Since it’s creation nearly ten years ago by Jordan Waller, then Software Engineer at Facebook, React.js has become one of the most popular and important tools in a web developer’s arsenal.

It’s use of the Virtual DOM and components to provide a truly fast, efficient and modular design makes sure it is one of the most popular frameworks for JavaScript, the most popular language. It is easy-to-use and relatively easy to master.

This article isn’t going to explain what or how to us React and it’s not explicitly going to teach you anything. Instead, here are a list of extremely…

There are many articles on the internet that explain how to integrate Google Maps’ notoriously finickity API into a React Native project — not least React Native’s own excellent documentation — but the pace of change is so rapid in this industry that very few are relevant today even if they were written <12 months ago. So here is a guide to setting up a React Native Expo project from scratch with Google Maps API integration that should be useful to you if it’s 2021.

Step 1: Install Expo and Start your Project

The first step is to install React…

The differences between British and American English in Coding.

In the early 21st Century it is fair to say that most people associate computer coding and programming with the USA. Films like The Social Network, TV like Silicon Valley and Devs and the global presence of the big tech firms like Google, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and Facebook means that the US — Silicon Valley and the West Coast in particular — are essentially a by-word for technology to many people. …

It may seem hard to believe but it wasn’t that long ago where we actually had to memorize websites and our own personal information, or at the very least bookmark them (do people still bookmark?). But ever since the creation and wide-spread adoption of cookies, we don’t even have to do that anymore — thanks internet! But despite these obvious pluses, there has been a fairly strong backlash towards cookies over the past few years — from predatory advertising tactics to Europe’s famous/infamous GDPR laws. …

Relationships in Ruby = 1, Soccer = nil

What is Object Orientated Programming?

One of the first concepts any junior developer at Flatiron School needs to understand is Object Orientated Programming (OOP). In Ruby, objects are the building blocks of code — they contain all the data and logic in order to complete a task. If objects are the building blocks; classes are the blueprints — they help us design, plan and construct them. OOP was designed to help the digital world mimic the real world as this makes the design process more intuitive and easy-to-understand.

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