Adam Shilling
2 min readMay 6, 2021


More TypeScript Learning Resources

In a previous post, I wrote briefly on the fundamentals of TypeScript, why it may be useful to learn and provided a few links to learn it, which you can check out here:

In this follow-up however, we will continue the focus on learning TypeScript but this time with a focus on clear, useful videos for those visual learners out there.

The first video is from one of the best tech/coding YouTubers and the creator of AlgoExpert: Clement Mihailescu. This video is really more of an overview of TS without going into too much detail about how to actually learn it yourself. It’s a great overview by somebody who is clearly passionate and knowledgable about the topic.

The next video is put out by the excellent freeCodeCamp so a certain level of quality can be assumed. It is a much more thorough and in-depth discussion of TypeScript and covers how to initialize it and start working. It’s a good primer for when you’re tired of reading theory and just want to get stuck in. It’s a very calming video that really takes any of the potential stress out of it while watching and coding along.

The final video is again from the guys at freeCodeCamp but this time is more of a practical, hands-on project video. Instead of just getting a sense of what TypeScript can and cannot do. With this video you will see an app be built out with TypeScript and so will find it much easier to integrate TS into your own new oe rexisting apps.

Hope these videos are helpful! Please leave any others in the comments.